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Tuesday, March 21, 2017
8:30-9:30 Conference Registration
9:30-9:45 Auditorium

ICDT Opening

 [session co-chairs: Michael Benedikt and Wim Martens]
9:45-11:00 Auditorium

EDBT/ICDT Keynote: Carsten Lutz

 [session chair: Michael Benedikt]
11:00-11:30 Hall E
Coffee Break
11:30-13:00 Auditorium

ICDT 1: New applications

[session chair: Jan van den Bussche]

  • Shaleen Deep and Paraschos Koutris.
    The Design of Arbitrage-Free Data Pricing Schemes.
  • Pablo Barceló and Miguel Romero.
    The Complexity of Reverse Engineering Problems for Conjunctive Queries.
  • Douglas Burdick, Ronald Fagin, Phokion Kolaitis, Lucian Popa, and Wang-Chiew Tan.
    Expressive Power of Entity-Linking Frameworks.

Room 6 DOLAP: 19th International Workshop On Design, Optimization, Languages and Analytical Processing of Big Data
Room 2 GraphQ: 6th International Workshop on Querying Graph Structured Data
Room 7 LWDM: 7th International Workshop on Linked Web Data Management
Room 8 BIGQP: 1st International Workshop on Big Geo Data Quality and Privacy
13:00-14:15 Hall E
14:15-15:45 Auditorium

ICDT 2: Best Paper Award and Updates

[session chair: Tomer Kotek]

  • Simone Bova and Hubie Chen.
    How many variables are needed to express an existential positive query? (Best paper award)
  • Thomas Schwentick, Nils Vortmeier, and Thomas Zeume.
    Dynamic Complexity under Definable Changes.
  • Christoph Berkholz, Jens Keppeler, and Nicole Schweikardt.
    Answering FO+MOD queries under updates on bounded degree databases.

Room 6 DOLAP: 19th International Workshop On Design, Optimization, Languages and Analytical Processing of Big Data
Room 2 GraphQ: 6th International Workshop on Querying Graph Structured Data
Room 7 KARS: 1st International Workshop on Keyword-based Access and Ranking at Scale
Room 8 BIGQP: 1st International Workshop on Big Geo Data Quality and Privacy
15:45-16:15 Hall E
Coffee Break
16:15-17:45 Auditorium

ICDT 3: Streaming, enumeration, and monitoring

[session chair: Simone Bova]

  • Luc Segoufin and Alexandre Vigny.
    Constant delay enumeration for FO queries over databases with local bounded expansion.
  • Hoa Vu and Andrew McGregor.
    Better Approximation of The Streaming Maximum Coverage Problem.
  • Minos Garofalakis and Vasilis Samoladas.
    Distributed Query Monitoring through Convex Analysis: Towards Composable Safe Zones.

Room 6 DOLAP: 19th International Workshop On Design, Optimization, Languages and Analytical Processing of Big Data
Room 2 GraphQ: 6th International Workshop on Querying Graph Structured Data
Room 7 KARS: 1st International Workshop on Keyword-based Access and Ranking at Scale
Room 8 EUROPRO: 1st International Workshop on Big Data Management in European Projects
20:15 Ca' Foscari Palace Welcome Reception
Wednesday, March 22, 2017
8:30-9:30 Conference Registration
9:30-10:00 Auditorium

EDBT Opening

 [session chair: Salvatore Orlando]
10:00-11:15 Auditorium

EDBT/ICDT Keynote: Christopher Ré

 [session chair: Volker Markl]
11:15-11:40 Hall E
Coffee Break
11:40-13:10 Auditorium

ICDT 4: Text, structured data, and the web

[session chair: Antoine Amarilli]

  • Markus Lohrey, Sebastian Maneth, and Carl Philipp Reh.
    Compression of Unordered XML Trees.
  • Dominik D. Freydenberger.
    A Logic for Document Spanners.
  • Shachar Itzhaky, Tomer Kotek, Noam Rinetzky, Mooly Sagiv, Orr Tamir, Helmut Veith, and Florian Zuleger.
    On the automated verification of web applications with embedded SQL.

Conference Hall

EDBT Research 1: Graph Databases

[session chair: Alberto Abello]

  • Moritz Kaufmann, Manuel Then, Alfons Kemper, Thomas Neumann.
    Parallel Array-Based Single- and Multi-Source Breadth First Searches on Large Dense Graphs.
  • Jing Wang, Nikos Ntarmos, Peter Triantafillou.
    GraphCache: A Caching System for Graph Queries.
  • Foteini Katsarou, Nikos Ntarmos, Peter Triantafillou.
    Subgraph Querying with Parallel Use of Query Rewritings and Alternative Algorithms.
  • Yuqiu Qian, Nikos Mamoulis, Hui Li, Yu Liu, David Cheung.
    Reverse k-Ranks Queries on Large Graphs.

Teatro Hall

EDBT Industrial and Applications 1: Analytic Applications

[session chair: Albert Maier]

  • Michael Loster, Zhe Zuo, Felix Naumann, Oliver Maspfuhl, and Dirk Thomas.
    Improving Company Recognition from Unstructured Text by using Dictionaries.
  • Victor Christen, Anika Groß, Jeffrey Fisher, Qing Wang, Peter Christen, and Erhard Rahm.
    Temporal group linkage and evolution analysis for census data.
  • Nikos Pelekis, Panagiotis Tampakis, Marios Vodas, Costas Panagiotakis, and Yannis Theodoridis.
    In-DBMS Sampling-based Sub-trajectory Clustering.

A, B, C, D

EDBT Demo 1

This session includes all the demonstrations accepted for EDBT 2017.

  • Jonas Traub, Nikolaas Steenbergen, Philipp Grulich, Tilmann Rabl, and Volker Markl.
    I²: Interactive Real-Time Visualization for Streaming Data.
  • Dongyao Wu, Sherif Sakr, and Liming Zhu.
    HDM: Optimized Big Data Processing with Data Provenance.
  • Angela Bonifati, Ioana Ileana, and Michele Linardi.
    ChaseFUN: a Data Exchange Engine for Functional Dependencies at Scale.
  • Georgia Koutrika and Alkis Simitsis.
    GnosisMiner: Reading Order Recommendations over Document Collections.
  • Xin Wang, Chengye Yu, Enyang Zhang, and Tong Du.
    MovieRS: A Movie Recommendation System via Graph Pattern Matching.
  • Christian Beilschmidt, Johannes Drönner, Michael Mattig, and Bernhard Seeger.
    VAT: A System for Data-Driven Biodiversity Research.
  • Tim Waizenegger, Frank Wagner, and Cataldo Mega.
    SDOS: Using Trusted Platform Modules for Secure Cryptographic Deletion in the Swift Object Store.
  • Caetano Sauer, Gilson Souza, Goetz Graefe, and Theo Härder.
    Come and crash our database! -- Instant recovery in action.
  • Paras Mehta, Manuel Kotlarski, Dimitrios Skoutas, Dimitris Sacharidis, Kostas Patroumpas, and Agnes Voisard.
    μTOP: Spatio-Temporal Detection and Summarization of Locally Trending Topics in Microblog Posts.
  • Patrick Damme, Dirk Habich, Juliana Hildebrandt, and Wolfgang Lehner.
    Insights into the Comparative Evaluation of Lightweight Data Compression Algorithms.
  • Maxim Filatov and Verena Kantere.
    Multi-workflow optimization in PAW.
  • Stefan Hagedorn and Timo Räth.
    Efficient spatio-temporal event processing with STARK.
  • Paolo Casagranda, Maria Luisa Sapino, and K. Selcuk Candan.
    Context-Aware Proactive Personalization of Linear Content Delivery.
  • Xiaoyu Ge, Samanvoy Panati, Konstantinos Pelechrinis, Panos Chrysanthis, and Mohamed Sharaf.
    In Search for Relevant, Diverse and Crowd-screen Points of Interests.
  • Silvestro Poccia, Maria Luisa Sapino, Sicong Liu, Xilun Chen, Yash Garg, Shengyu Huang, Jung Kim, Xinsheng Li, Parth Nagarkar, and K. Selcuk Candan.
    SIMDMS: Data Management and Analysis to Support Decision Making through Large Simulation Ensembles.
  • Sergey Hardock, Ilia Petrov, Robert Gottstein, and Alejandro Buchmann.
    In-Place Appends for Real: DBMS Overwrites on Flash without Erase.
  • Olga Poppe, Chuan Lei, Elke Rundensteiner, and Dan Dougherty.
    CAESAR: Context-Aware Event Stream Analytics for Urban Transportation Services.
  • Faizan Ur Rehman, Imad Afyouni, Ahmed Lbath, Sohaib Khan, Saleh Basalamah, and Mohamed Mokbel.
    Building Multi-Resolution Event-Enriched Maps From Social Data.

13:10-14:20 Hall E
14:20-15:50 Auditorium

EDBT and ICDT Awards

[session co-chairs: Salvatore Orlando and Volker Markl]

  • Test-of-Time EDBT Award:
    Ramakrishnan Srikant and Rakesh Agrawal.
    Mining Sequential Patterns: Generalizations and Performance Improvements. (EDBT 1996)
  • EDBT awards: Best full research paper, and Best demonstration.
  • ICDT Best Newcomer paper:
    Wei Cao, Jian Li, Haitao Wang, Kangning Wang, Ruosong Wang, Raymond Chi-Wing Wong, and Wei Zhan.
    k-Regret Minimizing Set: Efficient Algorithms and Hardness.

15:50-16:15 Hall E
Coffee Break
16:15-17:45 Auditorium

ICDT 5: Special Session on Open Problems in Database Theory

[session chair: Michael Benedikt]

Speakers will include:
  • Pablo Barceló (Universidad de Chile)
  • Benny Kimelfeld (Technion)
  • Paris Koutris (University of Wisconsin)
  • Carsten Lutz (Universität Bremen)
  • Jerzy Marcinkowski (Wrocław University)
  • Thomas Schwentick (TU Dortmund)
Conference Hall

EDBT Research 2: Main Memory DB and Emerging Hardware

[session chair: Patrick Marcel]

  • Andreas Kipf, Varun Pandey, Jan Böttcher, Lucas Braun, Thomas Neumann, and Alfons Kemper.
    Analytics on Fast Data: Main-Memory Database Systems versus Modern Streaming Systems.
  • Fabian Nagel, Gavin Bierman, Aleksandar Dragojevic, and Stratis Viglas.
    Self-managed collections: Off-heap memory management for scalable query-dominated collections.
  • Patrick Damme, Dirk Habich, Juliana Hildebrandt, and Wolfgang Lehner.
    Lightweight Data Compression Algorithms: An Experimental Survey (Experiments and Analyses).
  • Linnea Passing, Nina Hubig, Harald Lang, Michael Schreier, Stephan Günnemann, Alfons Kemper, and Thomas Neumann.
    SQL- and Operator-centric Data Analytics in Relational Main-Memory Databases.
Teatro Hall

EDBT Panel on "Database Technology and Behavior, Security, Ethics, Rights and Duties of Citizens"

[session chair: Stefano Ceri]

  • Serge Abiteboul (INRIA, ENS Paris)
  • Sihem Amer-Yahia (CNRS, Grenoble)
  • Carlo Batini (Univ. Bicocca, Milano)
  • Juan Carlos de Martin (Politecnico di Torino)
  • Julia Stoyanovich (Drexel University)
Room 6

Tutorial 1:

17:45-19:15 Hall E

EDBT and ICDT Plenary Poster Session

A, B, C, D

EDBT Demo 2

    This session includes all the demonstrations accepted for EDBT 2017.
    See Session Demo 1 for the complete list of demonstrations.

Thursday, March 23, 2017
9:00-9:30 Conference Registration
9:30-9:45 Auditorium


9:45-11:00 Auditorium

EDBT/ICDT Keynote: Tova Milo

 [session chair: Frank Neven]
11:00-11:30 Hall E
Coffee Break
11:30-13:00 Auditorium

ICDT Invited Talk: Dániel Marx

[session chair: Wim Martens]
Conference Hall

EDBT Research 3: Data Mining

[session chair: Marc Scholl]

  • Vasile-Marian Scuturici, Jean-Marc Petit, Sabina Surdu, and Julien Cumin.
    Data Exploration with SQL using Machine Learning Techniques.
  • Chih-Ya Shen, Hong-Han Shuai, Kuo-Feng Hsu, and Ming-Syan Chen.
    Task-Optimized Group Search for Social Internet of Things.
  • Paras Mehta, Dimitris Sacharidis, Dimitrios Skoutas, and Agnes Voisard.
    Finding Socio-Textual Associations Among Locations.
  • Faisal Nawab, Divy Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi, and Sanjay Chawla.
    COP: Planning Conflicts for Faster Parallel Transactional Machine Learning.

Teatro Hall

EDBT Industrial and Application 2: Querying and Execution

[session chair: Christoph Gröger]

  • Joseph Vinish D’silva, Bettina Kemme, Richard Grondin, and Evgueni Fadeitchev.
    Powering Archive Store Query Processing via Join Indices.
  • Grettel M. García, Yenier T. Izquierdo, Elisa S. Menendez, Frederic Dartayre, and Marco A. Casanova.
    RDF Keyword-based Query Technology Meets a Real-World Dataset.
  • Marc Bux, Jörgen Brandt, Carl Witt, Jim Dowling, and Ulf Leser.
    Hi-WAY: Execution of Scientific Workflows on Hadoop YARN.

Room 2

Tutorial 2:

13:00-14:15 Hall E
14:15-15:45 Auditorium

ICDT 6: Query evaluation

[session chair: Dominik Freydenberger]

  • Antoine Amarilli, Pierre Bourhis, Mikaël Monet, and Pierre Senellart.
    Combined Tractability of Query Evaluation via Tree Automata and Cycluits.
  • Foto Afrati, Manas Joglekar, Christopher Ré, Semih Salihoglu, and Jeffrey Ullman.
    GYM: A Multiround Distributed Join Algorithm.
  • Tomasz Gogacz and Szymon Torunczyk.
    Entropy bounds for conjunctive queries with functional dependencies.

Conference Hall

EDBT Research 4: CEP and Streaming

[session chair: Norman Paton]

  • Marc Seidemann and Bernhard Seeger.
    ChronicleDB: A High-Performance Event Store.
  • Haopeng Zhang, Yanlei Diao, and Alexandra Meliou.
    XStream: Explaining Anomalies in Event Stream Monitoring.
  • Manoj Agarwal and Krithi Ramamritham.
    Real Time Contextual Summarization of Highly Dynamic Data Streams.
  • Tianyi Li, Yu Gu, Xiangmin Zhou, Qian Ma, and Ge Yu.
    An Effective and Efficient Truth Discovery Framework over Data Streams.

Teatro Hall

EDBT Industrial and Application 3: Invited Talks on Big Data

[session chair: Bernhard Mitschang]

Room 2

Tutorial 2:

15:45-16:15 Hall E
Coffee Break
16:15-17:45 Auditorium

ICDT 7: Incomplete information

[session chair: Mikaël Monet]

  • Antoine Amarilli, Yael Amsterdamer, Tova Milo, and Pierre Senellart.
    Top-k Queries on Unknown Values under Order Constraints.
  • Benny Kimelfeld, Ester Livshits, and Liat Peterfreund.
    Detecting Ambiguity in Prioritized Database Repairing.
  • Bruhathi Sundarmurthy, Paraschos Koutris, Willis Lang, Jeffrey Naughton, and Val Tannen.
    m-tables: Representing Missing Data.

Hall E

EDBT Plenary Poster Session

    • Posters of 17 EDBT full papers presented during the following sessions:

    • Posters of all the EDBT short papers accepted for EDBT 2017:
      • Arijit Khan.
        Vertex-Centric Graph Processing: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
      • Haoyang Zhu, Peidong Zhu, Xiaoyong Li, and Qiang Liu.
        Top-k Skyline Groups Queries.
      • Vera Zaychik Moffitt and Julia Stoyanovich.
        Towards sequenced semantics for evolving graphs.
      • Ria Mae Borromeo, Maha Alsaysneh, Sihem Amer-Yahia, and Vincent Leroy.
        Crowdsourcing Strategies for Text Creation Tasks.
      • Ninh Pham.
        Hybrid LSH: Faster Near Neighbors Reporting in High-dimensional Space.
      • Pedro Holanda and Eduardo Cunha de Almeida.
        SPST-Index : A Self-Pruning Splay Tree Index for Caching Database Cracking.
      • Sadegh Nobari, Qiang Qu, and Christian Jensen.
        In-Memory Spatial Join: Data Matters!
      • Ria Mae Borromeo, Thomas Laurent, Motomichi Toyama, and Sihem Amer-Yahia.
        Fairness and Transparency in Crowdsourcing.
      • Zahid Abul-Basher, Nikolay Yakovets, Parke Godfrey, Shadi Ghajar-Khosrav, and Mark Chignell.
        TASWEET: Optimizing Disjunctive Path Queries in Graph Databases.
      • Andre Gonzaga and Robson Leonardo Ferreira Cordeiro.
        A New Division Operator to Handle Complex Objects in Very Large Relational Datasets.
      • Bozhong Liu, Ling Chen, Xingquan Zhu, Ying Zhang, Chengqi Zhang, and Weidong Qiu.
        Protecting Location Privacy in Spatial Crowdsourcing using Encrypted Data.
      • Alessandro Margara, Daniele Dell'Aglio, and Abraham Bernstein.
        Break the Windows: Explicit State Management for Stream Processing Systems.
      • Wilco van Leeuwen, Angela Bonifati, George Fletcher, and Nikolay Yakovets.
        Stability notions in synthetic graph generation: a preliminary study.
      • Stefan Hagedorn, Philipp Götze, and Kai-Uwe Sattler.
        Big Spatial Data Processing Frameworks: Feature and Performance Evaluation.
      • Yoshifumi Ujibashi and Lilian Harada.
        Implementation and Evaluation of Genome Type Processing for Disease-Causal Gene Studies on DBMS.
      • Morteza Zihayat, Aijun An, Lukasz Golab, Mehdi Kargar, and Jaroslaw Szlichta.
        Authority-based Team Discovery in Social Networks.
      • Katsiaryna Mirylenka, Michele Dallachiesa, and Themis Palpanas.
        Correlation-Aware Distance Measures for Data Series.
      • Ainhoa Azqueta-Alzúaz, Ivan Brondino, Marta Patino-Martinez, and Ricardo Jimenez-Peris.
        Load balancing for Key Value Data Stores.
      • Anna Lisa Gentile, Petar Ristoski, Steffen Eckel, Dominique Ritze, and Heiko Paulheim.
        Entity Matching on Web Tables: a Table Embeddings approach for Blocking.
      • Yuhong Li, Bo Tang, Leong Hou U., Man Lung Yiu, and Zhiguo Gong.
        Fast Subsequence Search on Time Series Data.
      • Li Su and Yongluan Zhou.
        Progressive Recovery of Correlated Failures in Distributed Stream Processing Engines.
      • Anika Anwar and Tanzima Hashem.
        Optimal Obstructed Sequenced Route Queries in Spatial Databases.

20:30 Hotel Monaco & Gran Canal Gala Dinner
Friday, March 24, 2017
9:00-9:30 Conference Registration
9:30-9:40 Auditorium


9:40-10:55 Auditorium

EDBT/ICDT Keynote: Shivakumar Vaithyanathan

 [session chair: Bernhard Mitschang]
10:55-11:20 Hall E
Coffee Break
11:20-12:50 Auditorium

EDBT Research 5: Data Warehousing and Integration

[session chair: Felix Naumann]

  • Christophe Claramunt, Cyril Ray, Elena Camossi, Anne-Laure Jousselme, Melita Hadzagic, Andrienko Gennady, Natalia Andrienko, Yannis Theodoridis, George Vouros, and Loïc Salmon.
    Maritime data integration and analysis: recent progress and research challenges.
  • Jiang Du, Renee Miller, Boris Glavic, and Wei Tan.
    DeepSea: Progressive Workload-Aware Partitioning of Materialized Views in Scalable Data Analytics.
  • Dominique Ritze and Christian Bizer.
    Matching Web Tables To DBpedia - A Feature Utility Study.
  • Mohamed-Amine Baazizi, Houssem Ben Lahmar, Dario Colazzo, Giorgio Ghelli, and Carlo Sartiani.
    Schema Inference for Massive JSON Datasets.

Teatro Hall

EDBT Industrial and Application 4: Architectures and Clusters

[session chair: Christian Mathis]

  • Anjan Kumar Amirishetty, Yunrui Li, Tolga Yurek, Mahesh Girkar, Wilson Chan, Graham Ivey, Vsevolod Panteleenko, and Ken Wong.
    Buddy Instance - A Mechanism for Increasing Availability in Shared-Disk Clusters.
  • Antony S. Higginson, Norman W. Paton, Suzanne M. Embury, and Clive Bostock.
    DBaaS Cloud Capacity Planning - Accounting for Dynamic RDBMS System that Employ Clustering and Standby Architectures.
  • Sandeep Akinapelli, Ravi Shetye, and Sangeeta T.
    Herding the elephants: Workload-level optimization strategies for Hadoop.

Room 6

Tutorial 3:

12:50-14:00 Hall E
14:00-15:30 Auditorium

EDBT Research 6: Social Networks and Semantic Web

[session chair: Ulf Leser]

  • Roberto De Virgilio.
    Distributed in-memory SPARQL Processing via DOF Analysis.
  • Julien Pilourdault, Sihem Amer-Yahia, Dongwon Lee, and Senjuti Basu Roy.
    Motivation-Aware Task Assignment in Crowdsourcing.
  • Habibur Rahman, Senjuti Basu Roy, and Gautam Das.
    A Probabilistic Framework for Estimating Pairwise Distances Through Crowdsourcing.
  • Rohit Kumar and Toon Calders.
    Information Propagation in Interaction Networks.

Teatro Hall

EDBT Research 7: Indexing and Query Processing

[session chair: Stefan Dessloch]

  • Oren Kalinsky, Yoav Etsion, and Benny Kimelfeld.
    Flexible Caching in Trie Joins.
  • Guolei Yang and Ying Cai.
    Querying Improvement Strategies.
  • Yuyang Dong, Hanxiong Chen, Jeffrey Xu Yu, Kazutaka Furuse, and Hiroyuki Kitagawa.
    Grid-Index Algorithm for Reverse Rank Queries.
  • Christos Doulkeridis, Akrivi Vlachou, Dimitris Mpestas, and Nikos Mamoulis.
    Parallel and Distributed Processing of Spatial Preference Queries using Keywords.

Room 6

Tutorial 3:

15:30-15:55 Hall E
Coffee Break
15:55-17:25 Auditorium

EDBT Research 8: Heterogeneous Databases

[session chair: Alfredo Cuzzocrea]

  • Kevin Wellenzohn, Michael Böhlen, Anton Dignös, Johann Gamper, and Hannes Mitterer.
    Continuous Imputation of Missing Values in Streams of Pattern-Determining Time Series.
  • Thorsten Papenbrock and Felix Naumann.
    Data-driven Schema Normalization.
  • Fatemah Panahi, Wentao Wu, AnHai Doan, and Jeffrey Naughton.
    Towards Interactive Debugging of Rule-based Entity Matching.
  • Ying Yang and Oliver Kennedy.
    Convergent Interactive Inference with Leaky Joins.

Teatro Hall
(untill 17:50)

EDBT Research 9: Spatial, Temporal, and Geographic Databases

[session chair: Ralf Hartmut Güting]

  • Bo Tang, Man Lung Yiu, Kyriakos Mouratidis, and Kai Wang.
    Efficient Motif Discovery in Spatial Trajectories Using Discrete Fréchet Distance.
  • Roksana Jahan, Tanzima Hashem, and Sukarna Barua.
    Group Trip Scheduling (GTS) Queries in Spatial Databases.
  • Muhammed Mas-ud Hussain, Kazi Ashik Islam, Goce Trajcevski, and Mohammed Eunus Ali.
    Towards Efficient Maintenance of Continuous MaxRS Query for Trajectories.
  • Theodoros Chondrogiannis, Panagiotis Bouros, Johann Gamper, and Ulf Leser.
    Exact and Approximate Algorithms for Finding k-Shortest Paths with Limited Overlap.
  • Wenlu Wang, Ji Zhang, MinTe Sun, and Wei-Shinn Ku.
    Efficient Parallel Spatial Skyline Evaluation Using MapReduce.