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Social Events

All regular participants are invited to participate in the following social events.

Welcome Reception (Tuesday 21 March 2017, h. 20:15)

The Welcome Reception will be held in the Venetian Gothic palace of Ca' Foscari, from which Ca' Foscari University takes its name. From Ca' Foscari Palace you can enjoy a stunning view of the Grand Canal.

Ca' Foscari and Giustinian palaces Ca' Foscari Aula Baratto

You can download a detailed map to get to Ca' Foscari from here. Ca' Foscari corresponds to stop 25.

Gala Dinner (Thursday 23 March 2017, h. 20:30)

The Gala Dinner will be organized in one of most beautiful hotels of the area of St Mark's Square in Venice, the Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal.
The hotel stands on the Grand Canal, and the Gala Dinner will be hosted in the magnificent Ridotto Hall.

Ridotto Hall

You can download a detailed map to get to Hotel Monaco from here. Hotel Monaco corresponds to stop 3.