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(Preliminary) Workshop Program

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

DOLAP: 19th International Workshop On Design, Optimization, Languages and Analytical Processing of Big Data
11:30-13:00 Room 6

DOLAP 1: Integration, ETL and view

[Session chair: TBA]

  • Sergi Nadal, Oscar Romero, Alberto Abelló, Panos Vassiliadis, and Stijn Vansummeren.
    An Integration-Oriented Ontology to Govern Evolution in Big Data Ecosystems.
  • Darius Butkevicius, Philipp D. Freiberger, Frederik M. Halberg, Jacob B. Hansen, Søren Jensen, Michael Tarp, Harry Xuegang Huang, and Christian Thomsen.
    MAIME: A Maintenance Manager for ETL Processes.
  • Yohei Mizuno, Yuya Sasaki, and Makoto Onizuka.
    Efficient Data Slice Search for Exceptional View Detection.

13:00-14:15 Hall E
14:15-15:45 Room 6

DOLAP 2: Performance

[Session chair: TBA]

  • Yiqun Zhang, Carlos Ordonez, Javier Garcia-Garcia, and Ladjel Bellatreche.
    Optimization of Percentage Cube Queries.
  • Joseph Vinish Dsilva, Roger Ruiz-Carrillo, Cong Yu, Muhammad Yousuf Ahmad, and Bettina Kemme.
    Secondary Indexing Techniques for Key-Value Stores: Two Rings To Rule Them All.
  • Daria Glushkova, Petar Jovanovic, and Alberto Abello.
    MapReduce Performance Models for Hadoop 2.x.

15:45-16:15 Hall E
Coffee Break
16:15-17:45 Room 6

DOLAP 3: Analytics

[Session chair: TBA]

  • Mohamed L. Chouder, Stefano Rizzi, and Rachid Chalal.
    Enabling Self-service BI on Document Stores. (short paper)
  • Aarthi Raghavendra and Karen Davis.
    Performance Evaluation of Analytical Queries on a Stand-alone and Sharded Document Store. (short paper)
  • Johannes Kastner, Markus Endres, and Werner Kießling.
    A Pareto-Dominant Clustering Approach for Pareto-Frontiers. (short paper)
  • Tim Zimmermann, Timo Djürken, Arne Mayer, Michael Janke, Martin Boissier, Christian Schwarz, Benjamin Eckart, Rainer Schlosser, and Matthias Uflacker.
    Fraud Detection on a Large E-Commerce Platform using Columnar In-Memory Databases. (short paper)

GraphQ: 6th International Workshop on Querying Graph Structured Data
11:30-13:00 Room 2

GraphQ 1: Novel query models and scenarios

[Session chair: TBA]


  • Giacomo Bergami, Matteo Magnani, and Danilo Montesi.
    A join operator for property graphs.
  • Gabriel Campero Durand, Marcus Pinnecke, David Broneske, and Gunter Saake.
    Backlogs and interval timestamps: Building blocks for supporting temporal queries in graph databases.
  • Hanane Ouksili, Zoubida Kedad, Stéphane Lopes, and Sylvaine Nugier.
    Using Patterns for Keyword Search in RDF Graphs.
  • Francesco De Fino, Barbara Catania, and Giovanna Guerrini.
    Recurring Retrieval Needs in Diverse and Dynamic Dataspaces: Issues and Reference Framework.

13:00-14:15 Hall E
14:15-15:45 Room 2

GraphQ 2: Query processing and performance

[Session chair: TBA]

    • Jürgen Hölsch, Tobias Schmidt, and Michael Grossniklaus.
      On the Performance of Analytical and Pattern Matching Graph Queries in Neo4j and a Relational Database.
    • John Pfaltz.
      A Role for Chordless Cycles in the Representation and Retrieval of Information.
    • Foteini Katsarou, Nikos Ntarmos, and Peter Triantafillou.
      Towards Hybrid Methods for Graph Pattern Queries (abstract).
    • Jing Wang, Nikos Ntarmos, and Peter Triantafillou.
      Ensuring Consistency in Graph Cache for Graph-Pattern Queries.

15:45-16:15 Hall E
Coffee Break
16:15-17:45 Room 2

GraphQ 3: Invited Talk

[Session chair: TBA]

  • Angela Bonifati (Lyon 1 University, France)
    Graph Queries: Generation, Evaluation and Learning.

LWDM: 7th International Workshop on Linked Web Data Management
11:30-13:00 Room 7


[Session chair: TBA]

  • Jesus M. Almendros-Jimenez, Antonio Becerra-Teron, and Alfredo Cuzzocrea.
    Detecting and Diagnosing Syntactic and Semantic Errors in SPARQL Queries.
  • Michele Melchiori, Roula Karam, Chiara Renso, Nafaa Jabeur, and Marco Gusmini.
    Evaluating Reputation in VGI-enabled Applications.
  • Lorenzo Genta, Alfio Ferrara, and Stefano Montanelli.
    Consensus-based Techniques for Range-task Resolution in Crowdsourcing Systems.

KARS: 1st International Workshop on Keyword-based Access and Ranking at Scale
14:15-15:45 Room 7


[Session chair: TBA]

15:45-16:15 Hall E
Coffee Break
16:15-17:45 Room 7


[Session chair: TBA]

BIGQP: 1st International Workshop on Big Geo Data Quality and Privacy
11:30-13:00 Room 8

BIGQP 1: Invited Talk

[Session chair: TBA]

13:00-14:15 Hall E
14:15-15:45 Room 8


[Session chair: TBA]

  • Despina Kopanaki and Nikos Pelekis.
    Privacy Preservation of Semantic Trajectory Databases using Query Auditing Techniques.
  • Carolina Arias, Maria Brovelli, and Simone Corti.
    Sensing the city: The effect of weather on user-generated big geo data in mobile phone networks.
  • Felix Kunde, Alexander Hartenstein, Stephan Pieper, and Petra Sauer.
    Traffic Prediction using a Deep Learning Paradigm considering Data Quality and Geoprivacy.

EuroPro: 1st International Workshop on Big Data Management in European Projects
16:15-17:45 Room 8


[Session chair: TBA]